Automatically categorize human conversation into topics and sentiment

Extract important keywords from conversation context

Auto-detect popular trends and topics in the digital space relevant to your industry

How it works

Fast, Flexible, and Accurate Conversation Analyzer

Leverage our data annotation and intent classification engine to analyze human conversations at scale. Stop manually analyzing human conversation. Build Powerful AI Application for..

Easy-to-Use A.I. Technology

An Interface that allows non-tech savvy users to build & maintain text classification models relevant to their organization.

Topics Detection

From manual data tagging to auto topic categorization

Large Data Library

Gain access to a large volume of conversational data that takes your industrial-use cases into account

Built-In intent Classifier

Leverage our state-of-the-art topic tagging engine to tag call, tweet, post, comment, and conversation

Flexible Integration

Deploy AI models to external system with industry standard APIs

Always enriching our data library

15+ industries coming

Our team is constantly keeping track of chatbot-use cases for incorporating new linguistic patterns into our data library.

Gain instant access to best-in-class text analytics technology

Extend beyond keyword matching

We have spent three years extracting and analyzing large amounts of online conversation data to enrich our Natural Language Processing technology. All of this, along with the data library, is now at your fingertips.

Customize your AI journey in no time

Be the first to have access to your training data

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